Saturday, September 19, 2009

On the run..

Hi again!

It must be no surprise to you now, that I make this vain attempt every now and then to scribble a few lines and sputter gibberish so that my foghorn continues to blow. Today's post comes from a compelling desire to share something different that I've been involved with for the past six months. Whilst living in fear of the one-dimensional life of a PhD, I got this unique once-in-a-lifetime shot at indulging in a diametrically opposite activity. I am glad I took it, and now everything I do-I think of, my work, research, fun, Saturday... practically everything has taken a backseat and come to revolve around this one activity. I haven't in 25 years been nearly as meticulous about the way I plan my routine. I haven't devoted so many hours of conversing with myself when out on the streets. I have been training for the Chicago Marathon.

I don't fancy bettering Haile Gabrselassie, I'm not nearly half as athletic. Yet I am about to attempt the ridiculous task of running 26.2 miles, for a cause though. I will be running on 09-10/11 on the streets of Chicago-to raise funds and educate children in India through Asha, a charity. Yes, there is some pain associated with the task of preparing for such a competition. Imagine the thought of having to wake up at 6 am on a Saturday morning, running for hours until you sweat out every drop of water in your body, only to end up with sore knees and blisters on your feet-week after week! But I am doing this because tomorrow's generation stands to gain. So I urge you- to make your contribution, in appreciation of my cause and efforts.

For making a donation, and if you'd like to know more about my training experience, Asha and the marathon, please visit

Support me as I try to pull off a Forrest Gump.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hi again, facebook.

A twenty year old acquaintance asked why... had to give in.

Hypocrisy rules... hic hic ;-)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

O tempora...

The REMINISCENCES brought back fond memories and a smile :-)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

We are officially colder than outer space!

We've finally made it, and word is out-

Cern lab goes 'colder than space'

Certain evidence that there's plenty of room at the bottom, albeit a different kind than his surmise. The only glitch- it takes 27 km of just a little painful electrical circuitry, vacuum plumbing etc etc and 5-7 trillions of electron volts only, to reach 1.9 K (For the uninitiated, the kelvin, eponymous with Lord Kelvin, is the fundamental SI unit for temperature measurement and each signifies the 273.16th fraction of the the thermodynamic temperature at the triple point of water at atmospheric pressure). All this in a bid to hopefully recreate, at sub-atomic scales, what supposedly happened during the Big Bang.

Now Surely, you must've been joking, Mr. Feynman!

For everything else, congrats folks and wish you luck!

Interesting find from the article - Higgs boson, a.k.a "God particle"

A albino; B black.

Referencing a true incident I witnessed sometime in the whereabouts of four weeks back or so. Happened during a routine CUMTD ride, from the grocery store for the most mundane purpose of restocking. There are only four of us in the bus. "A" family enters (mom, big "A" kid, little "A" kid) and sits on one of the right row, followed by the "B" family (mom, little "B" kid). They take a seat in front of mine, on the left row. Bus gets going, and in a matter of a couple of minutes, little kids "A & B" get to know of each others' presence and are thrilled. Observer is guessing that they may be classmates from school or play sessions. The "A" kid, as a matter of instinct, walks across and seats himself next to "B". Both of 'em get into their mischievous grooves and the unstoppable giggles ensue. "A" mom just happens to notice and, for what rhyme or reason I'd say, is furious with her ward. The obvious rebuke follows and "A" kid is made to sit in isolation, with only just enough room for the eye contact. "B" mom as a matter of silly reaction deals with poor li'l "B" kid. Observer is shocked, but not surprised!

A few minutes pass.. "A & B" kids start exchanging glances, and their lovely giggles. Observer smiles, is mildly pleased. Gets thinking, as usual. What are they - all of 5-6 years? Their innocence shrugs things off and they bond with each other, irrespective of what they are! Reminds me of a high school poem that was thrust upon us, by William Blake and titled, "The Little Black boy". Little "A" or "B"- all creatures great and small. Observer wonders how wonderful it would be if a few grown-ups could do with losing a lot of their maturity and gaining even just the trifle of the childish innocence..

"A" mom and "B" mom are such perfect archetypes which constitute practically everything that makes up for the social dichotomy. Observer connects this to many of the "B"s in general, who may be feeling basically insecure and, for example, bunch up by themselves at the back seats of the MTD everytime; even despite the "A"s being liberal and totally receptive these days. He thinks the social dichotomy stems from something deep rooted, and may be linked very closely to the economic disparity too. There lies a fundamental issue.

Home town liberal in the running, that glimmer of hope, hopefully, in what could be a landmark event going into the history books. Even so, like all issues "fundamental" for that is why they truly are, this dichotomy could well be irreconcilable.

Observer read somewhere that the pronunciation of the word "colourful" lip-syncs perfectly with the magical "I love you". But there's just so many issues surrounding colour. Also in a recent (genetically one in a million) development, Germany just got a pair of newborn black-white twins.

The futility of so many things, even just "human"! Sigh.

Sorry about the cliche. Not in the best of "speirit".
Other futile matters - sparrows. Just noticed a little one lying dead on the staircase. Felt miserable.