Saturday, September 19, 2009

On the run..

Hi again!

It must be no surprise to you now, that I make this vain attempt every now and then to scribble a few lines and sputter gibberish so that my foghorn continues to blow. Today's post comes from a compelling desire to share something different that I've been involved with for the past six months. Whilst living in fear of the one-dimensional life of a PhD, I got this unique once-in-a-lifetime shot at indulging in a diametrically opposite activity. I am glad I took it, and now everything I do-I think of, my work, research, fun, Saturday... practically everything has taken a backseat and come to revolve around this one activity. I haven't in 25 years been nearly as meticulous about the way I plan my routine. I haven't devoted so many hours of conversing with myself when out on the streets. I have been training for the Chicago Marathon.

I don't fancy bettering Haile Gabrselassie, I'm not nearly half as athletic. Yet I am about to attempt the ridiculous task of running 26.2 miles, for a cause though. I will be running on 09-10/11 on the streets of Chicago-to raise funds and educate children in India through Asha, a charity. Yes, there is some pain associated with the task of preparing for such a competition. Imagine the thought of having to wake up at 6 am on a Saturday morning, running for hours until you sweat out every drop of water in your body, only to end up with sore knees and blisters on your feet-week after week! But I am doing this because tomorrow's generation stands to gain. So I urge you- to make your contribution, in appreciation of my cause and efforts.

For making a donation, and if you'd like to know more about my training experience, Asha and the marathon, please visit

Support me as I try to pull off a Forrest Gump.